July 2010

Slide Show - Angel's Landing & Narrows                             Floating Down the River - Video



In July of 2010 my friends Bill and his son Max decided to spend a long weekend in Zion National Park.  I tagged along for fun.  It's about eight hours from San Diego via Las Vegas, and we rented a Prius to make the drive.  The first day we hiked Angel's Landing, a 1,500 foot elevation gain over 2.5 miles that ends in a spectacular view of the valley.  The second day we explored the Narrows on the Virgin River, trying out our aqua shoes right up the middle of the rushing water over slippery stones.  And on the third and final day we did some mellow feature hikes on the valley floor...for some reason we were a little tired so we kept it low-key.  For two of the nights we landed a room in Zion Lodge, right in the valley itself -- these were the last rooms available for July, but the service was impeccable as usual.  One night we had to stay at the Zion Mountain Lodge outside of the park, which provided bucolic views of horses, bison, rainbows over the prairie, and an excellent meal.  It was hot in July -- in the low 100s most of the time.  If only we had figured out there was an air conditioner in our little cabin, we wouldn't have had to sleep with the door wide open....Then again, that gave us a great view of the undiminished stars for the first half of the night, and a wonderful experience of light rain and lightening for the second half of the night.  All-in-all a lovely trip.







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