Toadland Chronicles

These images, writings & videos are listed roughly in the chronological order in which they were produced.  If not otherwise specified, most are either HTML or Flash presentations.

Sampling of the Past 30 Years

Poetry & Photography Project (3Mbyte PDF)

2000 U.S. Travelogue (3.5Mbyte PDF)

Frankfurt American High School, 1979 - 1983

2000 U.S. Travelogue

New England Family Visit 2003 (Real Media Video)

"Violent Thoughts"  - San Diego Peace March 2003 (Real Media Video)

2004 Toad Report (Real Media video)

2006 Toad Report

Spring Renewal (Men's Fellowship) 2007

Barbeque with Friends, Summer 2007

Kids in the Park, October 2007

2008 Obama's Election Night at the House of Blues

Jousting (Tournament of the Phoenix), October 2008

Druidic Mabon Ritual, Fall of 2008

2008 Toad Report

Lake Murray, January 2009

Art Guild Meeting, September 2009

Zion National Park, July 2010

2013 Toad Report









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